Brass Dart Component

Brass Dart photo


Barrel form the main part of a dart. Varying widely in weight, length grip and diameter, the barrel of a dart should be chosen to match your playing style of grip and throw. This will take some time. The brass dart barrel is made of brass. The brass is much cheaper and softer lighter than the tungsten or silver/nickel dart, so the same weight of tungsten dart, silver dart, the barrel of brass dart will be thicker.


When it comes to the tip of the darts, there are two main varieties, the steel tip and the soft tip.
Steel tip dart type is the traditional darts having pointed tips. You may want to think twice about getting a set of these for younger players and consider getting soft tip darts.
Soft tip darts are made of flexible materials like polyester and plastic. They will not do the same damage to a board (or wherever the dart lands) the same way a steel tip dart would. Most electronic dartboards only accommodate soft tip darts. (more on this later)


Flights are the wings of the brass dart and they provide the stability to a dart’s path. Depending on how a person throws the dart (straight or lob), the flight will differ in performance. Like the rest of the dart, flights are now made of synthetic materials like plastic replacing the traditional turkey feathers of old.
Most recreational players will get a set of two or three darts although some avid hobbyists have been known to own as much as ten. For someone starting out, try out a set for size. After seeing how it fits you, decide whether you’d like to get the same set or try another variety.


Shafts are made of various different materials such as graphite, aluminium and polycarbonate. The weight and length of the shaft will dictate how the dart performs in flight. If you are new to the game a good idea is to try different lengths of shafts and find one standard that fits your style.

Shafts come in many different shapes and material. Here you will find a wide selection of different styles of shafts. Shafts are also called stems.

The Shaft provides the proper spacing between the flight and the barrel. Shafts are manufactured from a number of different materials including, nylon, aluminium, poly carbonate, titanium, steel, magnesium to mention some. Read more about shafts here.