Darts Rule

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Basic Darts Rule

Darts is one of the very popular sports of the modern era. It is a fun social game played by almost every individual anywhere in the world. Darts in fact is played by both the lower and the upper classes, and it is its enduring popularity that reveals darts to be a combination of skill, talent, and a bit of luck.

Method of Play and Scoring

Basically, darts has long been considered as a social game of fun where two players or two teams are involved. Based on the standardized darts rules, the teams can be composed of two or more people each. However, certain variations of the game are still there although the variation that permits for more than two sides have been devised. Well, as noted these variations set on the darts rule have not achieved any popularity.

Under the basic darts rule, nine throws are generally allowed for every player as a form of warm up prior to the start of the game. The first person to take his shoot is determined by way of throwing a dart by a person from every team. As the darts rule hold, it is the team with the dart closest to the bull’s eye that takes the first turn.

Furthermore, every player of darts is allowed to throw darts in his turn. Generally, the darts rule holds that two sets of darts must be thrown. One set by each team prior to the retrieval of the dart, and if the foot crosses over the line during the shoot, the throw counts for no points and may not be re-thrown. This darts rule also hold true when a player happens to trip over the oche and releases his dart.

In the game of darts, the darts must stay on the board for at least five seconds after the final throw of the player to count. This is basically one of the most important darts rule to consider as the darts rule hold that a throw has no count if it sticks into another dart or if it falls off the board. It is therefore necessary for every darter to control the speed and the point of the throw, so to get a good shot.

Now, if you want to know exactly how the darts making it on the board scores, then here are the basic basics as maintained by the darts rule:

* In the wedge: the amount posted on the other ring.
* The double ring (the outer, narrow ring): twice the number hit.
* The triple ring (the inner, narrow ring): three times the number hit.
* Bulls eye (outer bull): twenty-five points.
* Double bulls eye (inner bull): fifty points.

There are other variations of the darts rules. Two of the most popular games played by darters around the world today are the 301 and Cricket. The 301 on one hand is the most obvious. As the darts rule hold, every side begins with 301 points and releases their darts in an effort to lessen their score to zero. On the other hand, the Cricket requires better throwing skills and strategy as this variation is played using primarily the numbers 15 through 20 as well as the bulls eye.

It is just necessary to note that in playing darts based on these darts rules, safety is very necessary. For obvious reasons, darts is not a game recommended for young children as the careless handling of dart can result to serious injury. So, to fully enjoy the game, it is best to follow the darts rules.